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Friday #gladitude!!!

It’s funny. Not really funny, “ha ha!,” but funny in a, “you’re kidding me,” kind of way…y’know…how I always seem to manifest a magical (I’m supposed to do this weekly) #gladitude post on the days I really, REALLY, uber-extra need to find said #gladitude.

Today is that kind of a day.

What is YOUR #gladitude?


#gladitude is the purposeful choice to find those little, small, even minute things, experiences or moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the regular “made-for-tv-movie” version of your life.

We’d had a brief couple of days with sun this week…as Ottawa is inching it’s way out of winter like a thundering herd of turtles.

Sun. The feeling of warmth on your face from a five billion year old star that is 150 million kilometers away.

Fucking blows my mind.

Birds. We have cardinals here in my complex and seeing them on a rare occasion is kinda extra special. A splash of red in an otherwise post-winter literal 50 shades of grey.

Guinea pigs. Yeah, I have an addiction. And when I’d lost one of my young floofling girls unexpectedly this week, my focus when still engaging (read: smothering with smooches) my others I have tended to notice little details of their personalities that keep showing up. Nova? Yeah, she can whistle. Not just chirp or wheek or regular guinea noise…actually whistle. Cool, now that I know it’s her and not some paranormal entity in my house. 😉

The thing about #gladitude is the concept of trying to help yourself overcome the sometimes overwhelming sense of “Fuck off, Asshat Cosmos.” Life is sometimes just extraordinarily snafu’d…so one must really look towards those small moments that bring joy and rainbows and puppies and kittens and shit. (not literal shit, but y’know)

It has been a challenging week. My mother’s stomach cancer keeps her in constant pain and unable to eat much. I’ve been managing The Everything, as always.

And…here’s where my Friday needs the #gladitude the most….

I am no longer in remission. 🙁

It’s been a swell 17 months of time, but now I must endeavour to re-start treatments amongst that very same Everything. *shrug*

It’s my choice as to how I perceive the challenge. Despair? Full on?

If you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, change the fucking game. 😉


  1. Rue

    No longer in remission? :((((((
    Damn that sucked to read. Crap with a capital C or FUCK with all caps
    I don’t know what to say… I’m so sorry to hear/read this and I’m sorry it’s back. Big love and hugs to you xxoo

  2. Sandy

    I try to use your #gladitude all the time. Presented oh so many challenges daily… sharing the term and practice with husband and kids, so maybe they can find the bright spots. Kid tells me to eff off. Husband is listening. xoxoxo

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