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Friday #gladitude!!!

Well. That week certainly flew by. I was all, “Maybe I need to get a post out there…” and BAM!!

Friday. Again. \m/

I remember a time when a Friday #gladitude post was a saving grace because the Cosmos (the Asshat Cosmos) was being a jerk and I’d really, really needed to find and notice all of the small things to bring comfort and solace and a break in an otherwise chaotic reality.

This week was not that week. And, it made taking the time to notice the small things all that much sweeter.

Nope, Stellar Cosmos kept me busy with coursework and the receipt of odds and sods (aka BOOKS!) via a Yule giftcard. While my emotions stabilized after the asshat-ery of Last Week…I found I rather enjoyed the peace brought by choice. I got shit done. I got other shit planned. And, while I still feel the pulls of the wishing…the “Do.”ing very much overruled any wistful longings.

I remember hearing the sounds this week of a puck hitting the boards from our local outdoor rink in the evenings. I love this because it reminds me of when my dad coached the cadets’ hockey team, where he was a professor, at the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, B.C. I remember him taking me to a few practices and I got to stand in the players’ box and I felt SO. COOL. I was 9 years old. 😉

I was able to choose not to put off All The Walking and procured satisfaction that choice, indeed, is a mostly overlooked #gladitude. As an aside, the doing of the walking has pretty much stabilized my blood glucose post-chemo. \m/

Choose to not give your trolls power...
Choose to not give your trolls power…

I also went and walked back to the grocery store featured in last week’s worst post ever. I was fine and I was not fine. I chose to accept both. I’ve been back again since and I’m no worse for wear. Just do it. You cannot expect to fight trolls of the mind if you’re unable to commit to the choice to fight them. Stop giving them power.


My #gladitude this week has been a number of small comforts that I’m simply glad I’ve noticed I have.

*perhaps more coffee will make that sentence be oodles more grammatically correct…

My coffee. 🙂 My fuzzy socks. New winter boots that don’t cut into my Achilles at a mere $19. My colouring book. My reading book. My Cosmos images. My Pinterest.

It has also been exceedingly enlightening this week as to how often my #gladitude is simply having had made a choice. For example, I’d had a few friends suggest that I unfriend someone on Facebook. I said I would. I did not.

What I’d chosen, instead, was to choose to take their previous words of altering my perspective, find compassion to this person’s emotions, thoughts and processing. The result has been an increase in the civility between myself and this person. I no longer have anger or sadness. I just “am.” and it works. This process reminded me of a critical lesson in a counselling session eons ago that, while not necessarily acted upon at that time when it was needed, is still applicable in my daily living no matter the relationship.


Like, wearing my Winnie the Pooh nightshirt with my Grinch sleep pants whilst drinking coffee from my Darth Vader mug. I’m certain my worker would have a field day analyzing that one. 😉

So, what did you choose to take the time to notice this week that brought comfort and happiness that would have otherwise gone unseen?

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  1. Sandy Spector

    Made sure to wake up yesterday and today to take note of the planets aligning… and loved that my 9 year old woke me up for the first sighting yesterday. Incredibly fun, bonding and awe inspiring. Loved how my pillow felt when I went back to bed after the viewings! #glatitude rocks.

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