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Friday #gladitude

What is YOUR #gladitude?
What is YOUR #gladitude?

Well, this was simply the most ridiculous week…


Between Monday and today, I’ve concurrently managed a fractured orbital bone thingie-part (I’m far too lazy to look it up), a dog fight, a youngling’s asthma attack and the death of a departed whilst contained within the boundaries of starting three college courses and managing the emotions from all of these.

That doesn’t make me a goddamn martyr.

That simply makes me an ordinary woman doing bat-shit crazy things within the chaos of her reality. Which, admittedly, is a little excessively chaotic at the moment.

Listen, I post because it’s my choice to post.

I cry because it’s my choice to cry.

I drink coffee because it’s my choice to drink coffee.

I really, really suck at things and I’m really, really good at things, and it’s my choice to figure out which to improve and grow upon, and which to let rest.

I ponder the musings of the Universe because it’s my choice to ponder.

It’s been a roller-coaster having shifted from the absolute best post of my life to the absolute worst post of my life.

And, yes…I’ve had to find my #gladitude along the way or risk winding up on the News at 11.

Did you know, for example, that I learned so much about the “You.” of my friends by the narratives they used to express their heartbreak at the loss of significant public figures? I read them all. Each post. Each tribute to figures who allowed them to discover the essence of themselves during pivotal times in their lives.

*we’re going to gloss over just how much I {wasn’t/am not} supposed to be on the computer, k?

EDIT: An early follow up at the emphatic suggestion of a friend because I’m losing my feckin’ mind just sitting… thinking… determined that the “mild concussion” wasn’t such the crisis as it seemed, and I received clearance to drive and gently resume activities. 

I discovered that my gingers know all of the lyrics to “Magic Dance” and watched as they all danced together.

My Wonder Woman mug really came in handy this week.


My Darth Vader mug really came in handier.

Y’know…taking over the universe’n’shit with a telekinetic choke-hold.

Strangers. Totally unknown-to-me folk who took the time to send a note or a comment or give a share. This is, most assuredly, *not* what I was expecting this week. I read their words and I checked out their pages/profiles/etc. because I wanted to learn about people. I learned. So. Much.

Then there was this snow that happened…it wasn’t full-contact, fluffy as a Pyr kind of snow…it was more like…well…like the glitter it resembled as it was backlit by my foyer’s lighting. Sparkly, glittery snow that shone in little itty bitty glints of light.

I’m still managing a metric ton of emotions. But, I am also choosing to still take the time to notice the otherwise seemingly small things that I could potentially neglect seeing should I keep hold of the spiraling negativity that has surrounded this particular week.

I have pain right now. A lot of it. In varied and complex ways.

But, the pain doesn’t hurt so much when you don’t fear it. I fear it not.

So, I continue to make choices.

The consequences of those choices are my responsibility and my shit to own and no one else’s. Ever.

What have you chosen to see in the little things that happened this week?

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  1. jason

    I managed to see how a ‘community ‘ rise up to help a friend who got attacked. People shared my pinups to help fund cancer research. All in attacked some faith in the world. Something I’ve lost for a long time. #gladitude

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