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Friday #gladitude!

Had I written this a couple of days ago, even, it’d be a struggle.

When is it NOT a struggle? When the chaos of one’s reality is like walking in front of a Mac truck nearly daily?

Stupid disease.

Lupus is an asshat. True story.

So, what small things did I make myself take the time to see that otherwise would have gone unnoticed?

Well, the fact that I can breathe, is a start. Pericarditis is all but gone. Huz-feckin’-zah! \m/

Icy rainbows around the moon. Gifted with a full moon this week (which, incidentally, almost justified selling all of my spawnlings because they were just…all sorts of bat-shit crazy this week)…and partial thin cloud cover…it looked like there was a mini rainbow of sorts around one of my favourite celestial objects.

Haze-y dayz of impending winter
Haze-y dayz of impending winter


Soft, atmospheric, mood-lighting. True story. Having had thin, partial cloud cover this week provided a haze-y softness to the colourful morning sunrise.

Frost that looked like a fairy threw up sparkles all over the soccer field.



Clouds that resonate colour...
Clouds that resonate colour…


Candy-coloured clouds.

In a week that saw my Facebook feed spewing venom across politics and posts of all things ”Sad.”…I found great solace in all things ”Colour!”




Hamster love. ''And Cheerio was her name-o...''
Hamster love. ”And Cheerio was her name-o…”


Hamster love. Seriously. This little thing is like my new bestie. Or, beastie. Whichever. Her name is Cheerio. I never really realized just how excited I get when my daughter brings her down for some cuddles. I look forward to it. I’ve even asked her to go get the friggin’ rodent.

Weird. Cool, but weird. 😉


Hangin' with my soul-sad gnomie...
Hangin’ with my soul-sad gnomie…


There was also my soul-saddened Gnomie, Blue. It snowed earlier this week. He wasn’t happy. I, however, was consoled by the brief interlude in my grinch-y-ness of white flakes. Today? Today it pissed rain. All day. Whatever.

Saddest. Thumbs. Up. Ever.


Tomorrow I’ll be putting up our Yule trees with the gingers. Last year I’d procured two $20 5 foot trees that the gingers can have in their rooms. We’ll take a walk up to the Dollar store to get a couple new decorations/ornaments for them. It’ll be a tradition. The main tree is mine. No touchie.

What small things did you make yourself take the time to notice? Perhaps the smell of a fireplace going, in the air. Perhaps some colour on those rainy or less-than-stellar days.

Find them.

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