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Friday #gladitude!!

1. Toaster Strudel. Don’t judge me. *munching*

2. I made an extraordinary effort to participate in a socialization morning with my Llamas. Worth every second.

3. Llama socks.

4. Colourful coffee cozies.

5. LED multi-coloured birthday balloons.

6. Full-ish, orange-ish, beautiful lunar orb in the morning.

7. National Geographic channel.

8. Minecraft.

9. Coffee. A metric-ton of liquid gold. I’ve thought about MacGuyvering my diabetic testing supplies to DIY a caffeine drip. #notreally #actuallytotally #dontjudgeme

10. Online, distance, FREE, education.

To date, I’ve been able to complete:

In the Night Sky: Orion

Master Class: Andrei Linde – Universe or Multiverse?

Master Class: Max Tegmark – History and Mysteries of the Universe

Master Class: Alan Guth – Inflationary Cosmology

Currently in Progress: 


Space, Time and Einstein; A conceptual tour of special relativity (Brian Greene)

Special Relativity: A math-based introduction (Brian Greene)

Total. Cosmic. Escapism.

Doing “all of the things” for the twins’ birthday this past week has left me flared, shaky and feeling like a bag of smashed assholes.

But…I’ve also made some really neat cards, like:




Crafting makes me feel productive.

On the days my Go, Go SpazzyHands are less-than-stellar?

I learn.


I am doing the best that I can with what I’ve been given.

I’m really making an effort to pull through the chaos of the emotions of the past couple of weeks and I’m getting there. I’d made it a good 40 minutes in the food court of the local mall before having a mini-breakdown.

Keeping on keepin’ on shows an important perspective: It shows I’m prepared to make the efforts that it takes to overcome seemingly, at times, insurmountable challenges. THIS, in turn, keeps my husband keepin’ on with his support. This also keep my friends keepin’ on in *their* support.

Feeling social?

Not particularly.

It still “hurts” (pardon the pun) to watch laughter and successes and endeavours in awesomeness.

It sure as shit doesn’t mean I’m sitting here, Eeyore-ing, or calling the Waaaaaaaaaaa-mbulance. (Game of Whine-1-1, anyone?)

Nope. I’ve arrived at the feeling of contentment in the cosmic safety bubble I’ve crafted to help ease the bouncing of emotions through upcoming difficult decisions and processes.


With, y’know, colour’n’shit. 😉

What are the little things that get YOU through those less-than-stellars??


  1. Frances

    You are truly an inspiration to many! Thank you for allowing us into your world, I know that that is not an easy tasks. I really enjoy reading you blogs.

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