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Friday #gladitude!!!

Alternatively titled: “I didn’t lose my shit these past couple of weeks, only because I’m so exhausted and burnt out I had no energy left to even contemplate doing so.”

In a nutshell: Too tired to make the evening news.

So. Countdown is on to back to school. I believe I know at all times, down to the second, how much longer I have to hold out before the days are once again mine for chugging choco-mocha-vodka-valium lattes because they’re yummy, not a necessity. 😉

I’m also looking forward to the days being mine once again in order to progress my own agenda: Batch cooking, Lupus advocacy, Kubb playing and…getting my Himalayan* a$$ back weight training. \m/ (*it’s a joke between llamas…).

Y’know. When I’m not cleaning, appointment go-ing or organizing the Cosmos.

*shifty eyes*

It’s precisely at times like these that I crafted The #gladitude projectIt’s about finding the small things that make your “less-than-stellar” easier to manage…the small things that you make a choice to see during the day that you otherwise might not have noticed…

Painted clouds in the sky on our way home from my mom’s for a BBQ tonight. Looked like Rembrandt himself took brush to the blue with wisps of blushing white…

How much time do you spend looking down? Phones, tablets, laptops…I’ve been making a valiant effort to look up.

Cosmos. The good one. In looking up, whilst in the throes of our camping holiday…one had to only look up to see the beautiful complexity of our Milky Way. Omg, the feelz!! To know that statistical probabilities were pretty feckin’ low that my own personal Go, Go SpazzyAss! was able to even exist…

Like water for punch cards...
Like water for punch cards…


I love the sound of the rain. I love the way it looks like a punchcard as it hits the patio window.



The Ped Egg I found at the Factory Direct for a whopping $4.99. Esthetically awesome, yes, but moreso because I took the time to notice and realize that if I don’t take care of my feet due to diabetes, I look forward to cracked skin and infection. Infection coupled with an asshat autoimmune disease is not the kind of cool one aims to achieve. This one has a handle so that I don’t have to contort my carcass into a living pretzel. Props to this dandy piece of awesomeness. \m/

Zombies, the epitome of "chronically afflicted." ;)
Zombies, the epitome of “chronically afflicted.” 😉



Authors. I think that in today’s society, we often overlook the wondrous imaginations of authors that allow us escapism from our daily challenges and afflictions. I’m currently reading: Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies by local Ottawa author, Victoria Dunn. Think: Jasper Fforde meets zombies. I’m really rather enjoying my time “away” when I’m reading…



What did YOU take the time to notice these past few weeks? Did a ladybug capture your attention while you hurried and scurried about? A rose? Witness to a random act of kindness? The smile of your spouse?



What’s your #gladitude?


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