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Friday #gladitude!!!

I took this week totally by the fortitude and made it my own to do whatever I wanted.



Not really. 😉

My plans for Monday were to play WoW all day long, in celebration of it NOT being March Break.

Didn’t happen.

Tuesday didn’t happen.

Wednesday was hot yoga and otherwise didn’t happen.

Thursday didn’t happen.


Totally went shopping with my mother. \m/

*jazz hands*

Important for two reasons:

1) My mother. Me. One place.

2) Treats-to-me day. Little things. Opportunities for #gladitude.

In other words: self care.

But…with my mom. 🙂

Hod-podge of treats-to-me, yo!!
Hod-podge of treats-to-me, yo!!


Little notebooks for my purse…to make lists. Lots of lists.

Flip-flops!! 3/$10! For yoga days.

Puzzle books…small enough to fit in my purse…thick enough to keep my brain a lil’ occupied whilst NOT on all things social media.




What else?

Just watching my eldest son and youngest son chillaxin’ on the couch. Together. xoxo


A rare find of an old book at a thrift store. I like and have started to collect old books. Old, like before 1960…the earlier the better. The more Anglo-Saxon or medical/herbal, the better.

As long as it doesn't read like the Necronomicon, s'all good...
As long as it doesn’t read like the Necronomicon, s’all good…



Escapism at its finest.

Hoping to start it soon…was supposed to…

…last Monday.

*shifty eyes*



Been so long…so very, very long…where I’ve felt so comfortable to tell other women my successes without judgment, woes without shaming. It’s not just having the opportunity to do so…it’s the doing so that is the #gladitude.

Pink skies in the morning for the walk to the school bus.

Having two new young boys to walk to the bus stop, wherein the little one sings Katy Perry’s “Roar” all the way home. But, just the chorus. Boisterously.

You go, little dude. You. GO!

Seeing statuses that reflect a “Brynnism.”

Seeing posts on my wall, or that I’m tagged in, because someone, somewhere, found a bit of “Colour!!” And it’s not just the post…it’s the time taken to make the post.

Hugs. They’re an extension of positive energy when you’re feeling less-than-stellar.

It's all about perspective...a choice and a change
It’s all about perspective…a choice and a change


Have you had a chance to know what The #gladitude project is all about?? You can take a quick read of it here:

The #gladitude project

What’s yours??



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  1. Jason

    #gladitude seeing a small mention of Brynnism.

    YOU. INSPIRE. Its not a fluff and smoke being blown up places.

    With all the stresses in life its nice to see someone else overcome something to remind us that WE. CAN. CARRY. ON. Thank you for bearing your heart to the world. I try to and it all comes out like negative b*tching. 🙂

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