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Friday #gladitude!!!


Feels like a week of simple eating one dot after another…little bits of ridiculousness that collaborated and begat a really shit-tastic week.

True story.

I swear this stuff happens just so the Cosmos can justify…

The #gladitude project.

Bad, Cosmos….bad!!

I had to ask for a emergency “Colour!!” images…*that* is how this week went.

Anyhoooooooooo…it’s Friday…and it’s #gladitude day. \m/

*raise the roof*

This week boasted a plethora of viewings of the two big black birds that regularly inhabit our Condo complex. Further to this theme, was the moment I was having a mini breakdown in the parking lot of Walmart and a very large black bird swooped right down in front of my dashboard.

Felt like Snow-friggin’-White.


I love all things social media, but old-school email is really where it’s at…and if I hadn’t seen the email from the Lupus Ontario communications person for Ottawa, I’d have never seen the call-out by a Carleton University graduate student doing her thesis on living with Lupus…and I’ve have never made the anxiety-riddled drive to the local mall to meet up for an interview.

And just like that…I gave a voice to my journey of living with a mo-fo autoimmune disease. Out loud. Literally. No edits. No “colourful” flavour to the words.

Just. Talking.

Helloooooooooooo, "Colour!!"
Helloooooooooooo, “Colour!!”


Afterwards I went in to one of the stores and got myself not one…but TWO new “Colour Buddies”…because I can. And hells-bells…I deserved them. 😉



I am brain dead and my eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of my head.


Breakaway screws. Whoever came up with these dandies hasn’t watched me trying to put a new little knob on the bathroom closet, thus hasn’t witnessed what can only be described as a sailor-meets-lion…cussball filled woman of loathing and spite. Otherwise, they would have put a big fricken’ neon arrow on the package that said, “Hey, dumbass…these are the screws you’re looking for…”

*I have knob issues that now require therapy*

Fuzzy socks. More than just fuzzy socks…the T-Max Heat Socks from When it’s minus eleventy-billion, and you’ve got school bus runs to stand outside for…these are the fricken’ SCHIZZLE. Less crampy-spasmy ankles and calf muscles.

*jazz hands*

Gift cards. They come in handy right at that moment when you’re all, “Shitballs…xyz is on SALE!” or. “I feel the need…for a ‘treat-to-me’…”.

Compensating me for talking about Lupus? With COFFEE?!?! *happydanceofjoy*
Compensating me for talking about Lupus? With COFFEE?!?! *happydanceofjoy*


Got this baby just today…for talking about Lupus…which I do every day…and would have shared and talked about anyway…


Don’t mind if I DO!

(but not in the psycho Homer-style)


If a picture is worth a thousand words...this just doesn't do it justice...
If a picture is worth a thousand words…this just doesn’t do it justice…


Specifically, noticing the light steadily creeping back into the mornings at the early school bus runs. This particular morning, it was like…well…I don’t know what it was like…but it was kind of like a bit of my soul got out and spread itself over the snow. I watched the area surrounding me brighten and lighten…then I looked up – the pinks and oranges and soft white of the morning sky was intensely profound.

And there wasn’t even Bailey’s in my coffee. 😉

Speaking of which…I got new creamers on sale: French Vanilla and Chocolate Mint.

If I don’t surface in an hour…send more creamer. \m/


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