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Friday #gladitude!!!

It’s time again for the “I really should have written this shit down on the Monday when it happened so I wouldn’t have the ‘forgets’ by Friday when I’m supposed to PWN this #gladitude!“…(if you’re all, “What the heck is #gladitude??”…you can check it out here.)

*shifty eyes*

Awesome week!

Well, from what I can remember…

So, one might read “awesome” as being because so much fantabulous stuff happened.

One might be correct.

Or, one might read “awesome” as being because I really nailed the ability to find the small things in the chaos of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life.

One might also be correct.

Like, my littlest boys’ quarks. He’s the long lost separated twin of Sheldon Cooper. But, like, has his own twin brother. And, like, is totally younger. But in a metaphorical kind of way (is that even the right word??)

Moving on.

Colour!! 😀 More and more colour and images of hues and shades and the *jazz hands* of comfort is somehow brings me. Can’t define it. Don’t want to.

Awhile back I bought some “Colour Buddies”:

The original dudes of my "Colour" therapy...
The original dudes of my “Colour” therapy…



Meet “Meeks” & “Pudge.”

They sit on my nightstand beside my bed.

It just occurred to me that they might be laughing at me in my sleep…



I may or may not need therapy.

*shifty eyes*

Moving on.


Another #gladitude was finding another “Colour Buddy”…Spolour.

(my daughter named her…”Spots with Colour = Spolour!!)

There were also instances of Bailey’s in my coffee. You may wonder how that might be a “little thing that would have otherwise gone unnoticed…”

Dude. It’s Bailey’s. In my coffee.

It means I’m sitting down for a well deserved break in the chaos of the reality of my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life.

#gladitude. It’s little cat paws underneath the bathroom door. Because sometimes? I miss any of my five younglings’ fingers trying to “get me”…

Heating blankets. I don’t often look forward to bed, because the “sleep” (*snerk*) is often hard to come by and if, by some alignment of the outer rings of Saturn with the third moon of Jupiter, I manage to get some, it’s shitty. At best. BUT: having the heating blanket take the chill off and out of the sheets and not having every muscle fibre in my body scream with spasm is…well. You know. 😉

My husband’s quarky sense of humour. Because getting an email with the phrase: “Stir fry attempt #2 is the SCHIZZLE muthafucker!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/” from his bat-shit crazy wife could only be responded to with “Hank Moody” Youtube video clips. I am now re-reading my initial phrasing in a very different voice.

My eldest son’s incredible successes this year in school was highlighted by a week straight of hardcore “homework” effort. First time in four and a half years he is going to receive all four credits in a single semester. How is that “noticing the small things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed?”

Because I did a pretty amazing job of dealing with his substance abuse and effecting very difficult decisions that were exactly the decisions I needed to make…and I noticed the intense sense of relief that overcame me concurrent with this thought.

Hazy, foggy winter mornings.

Fuzzy socks.


Staring at the full moon.

The week was rife with stolen moments of time to appreciate and recognize the “simple”…

It’s already been a long, deep winter…and there are several months ahead of us to contend with…

What will you find if you take the time to notice the otherwise overlooked moments? I look forward to hearing them…



  1. Laurie Stewart

    A GF restaurant that makes cupcakes!
    My dying kitty still being cuddley and purring. Not too sad, she’s very old, and frail, but may outlive us all. I’ve been prepared to lose her any minute for over a year.
    Old friends popping by out of nowhere, and guess what? They just got into the same shit you’ve gotten into since you last saw them!
    Foggy mornings where the fog freezes to the tree branches making a world of carved crystal.
    My editor having only 3 comments on my novel, one of which was…”more?”

  2. Brynn

    Whoot!!! *fistpumps*

    I have still yet to try a GF cupcake!! LOL

    Carved crystal….YES. Purrs and cuddles and friends, OH MY!! 😀 What a frabjous week!!! \m/

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