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Friday #gladitude!!!

So, I lost my shit this week.

Total. Utter. Meltdown.

The reason why I share when I have a total emotional *middle finger salute* is because I allow myself to have a total emotional *middle finger salute*.

I have a choice, and that choice entails possessing the ability to NOT invalidate the less-than-stellar in my made-for-tv-movie kind’o’life.

And then, I choose to pick my ass up and keep on keepin’ on. I choose to articulate to those around me what triggers such a breakdown so that, possibly, they can assist in being proactive in their ability to provide “whole body health care.”

And through it all, I have to must demand of myself to find those small things in the goings on around me that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and my days would be that much less stellar… #gladitude.

Continued “Colour!!” and people *still* taking the time to share on my social media various hues and tints and shades of awesomeness. Now that the autumnal leaves have fallen and the trees are bare…there is still colour. Sometimes? Sometimes I just scroll up and down my Facebook feed. Just for shits’n’giggles. It’s very, very colourful. 😉

[enter, stage left] A PRIZE!!

Earlier this week I’d entered a give-a-way by the fantastic Gabry Road for a quilter’s starter package: prize-winning preciousssssssssss....
…my prize-winning preciousssssssssss….


Seriously, if you’re a crafter, check out Rosa’s Facebook page, her Etsy store…ALL of it…’cuz you will not be disappointed!!

So? The prize?

Silly rabbitses…the #gladitude isn’t the prize…


…it’s the fact that someone I admire greatly in the crafting business took time out of her own crafting in order to provide to some unknown individual a lil’ bit’o’happiness. Just ‘cuz.

Turned my frown upside down, I tell you.

What else?

Samples. Oodles and oodles of samples. I just “happened” to click a link on a coupon site and just “happened” upon a link to free samples!

Why so excited?

Dude. Because they’re fookin’ FREE! Try before you buy. Coupons.

Bring on the FREE...
Bring on the FREE…


Sample Source.

Click it.

Get it.


I spent the time between my daughter leaving for school and my twins leaving for school just clicking around coupon sites for samples.


Yup. Coffee and a Coupon. Chapter title for my book. 😉

What else?

Canadian Tire has some 3-pack sampler boxes of some of their flavoured coffees.

I just “happened” to have been in CT for an alarm clock that wasn’t really what I’d wanted for a gift and just “happened” to take a look at the Keurig aisle. HUZZAH!! This, after receiving a Keurig 3-cup sample package earlier this week.


Another thing I don’t have to commit to…eleventy-billion K-cups of a flavour I may or may not like.

Though, that being said, my last gladitude was in remembering the bottle of Bailey’s in the fridge for my coffee.

“Bailey’s. I put that s**t on EVERYthing!”


  1. Laurie Stewart

    I just wrote yesterday to a few companies, more or less randomly. I got relies from Glutino (GF bread, crackers, baguette chips) that they will be sending me coupons. Eden (organic canned goods) replied the same. Huzzah!
    So, i the 10 seconds between weird happenings at your place, you could write them too.
    However, about 9 months ago I got some samples from Miracle Noodle, calorie free noodles based on mushroom fibre. Don’t. That’s all, just DON’T.

    • Brynn

      Well, put that schizzle on my to-do list! 🙂 Great idea!! And HUZZAH for coupons!! \m/

      I’d seen an advertisement for “Miracle Noodle”…that’s the zero calorie thing, right? Um…..I shall take your words to heart. *shudder*

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