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Friday #gladitude!!!

Oddly enough, this week’s entry for The #gladitude project comes at the end of a rather nice week.

Aggravating, at times.

Stressful, at others.

But, no cosmic misalignment of Saturn’s fourth outer ring with the third moon of Jupiter, kind of snafu’s.

Shit, I didn’t even have a “Tuesday*.” \m/

(*for those not in the know…I do not have “Monday’s”…I have “Tuesday’s”…and they’re usually asshats)

What did I take the time to notice, thus minimizing and/or reducing my stress levels this week?

Colour. Still plastered by my awesome friends and followers on my Facebook wall.

The little Charlie Brown tree that stood up to its colour...
The little Charlie Brown tree that stood up to its colour…


Even the “Charlie Brown” tree amongst the rows of foliage that line the sidewalk we stand on for the school bus started to turn.

I love this little tree. Whereas the others are all so much bigger, have more leaves…more “presence”…this little dude of a tree keeps on keepin’ on.


I can relate to Charlie.

What else?

My littlest twin boy trying to shake off tape that had stuck to his hand whilst doing a craft. He has the most amazingly emphatic facial expressions. This was one that was not be missed.

My daughter rockin’ out to some bizarre song whilst sitting on the stairs up the landing. We have mirrors in our dining room. I could see her from where I sat, but she didn’t realize that I, in fact, was watching. Apple doesn’t fall far from *that* tree. 😉

That the release and transition of the new endeavour of my husband and myself went smoothly. Go, Go Interwebs and Servers and Stuff!

Joining Canadians within the global village of Kubb sport...
Joining Canadians within the global village of Kubb sport…


Kubb Canada!!!


(Well, until I blew up the website when I was working in the editor. That may or may not have triggered fluid to leak from my ocular orbs.)


What else?


It’s really amazing how generous people are with their time. Having five kids, a job, and a couple of really important endeavours on my plate…coupled with a mo-fo autoimmune disease and a few syndromes’n’things for shits’n’giggles…I can totally relate to the value of TIME.

What did people do with their time?

They posted colourful images on my Facebook wall.

They took the time to read and share in my posts this week.

They clicked a “like” or hit a “retweet.”


You did this…by the very act of being here. That takes time. Your time.

The culmination of which came yesterday and today when I’d shared that WEGO Health had opened up the nominations for the WEGO Health Activist Awards.

And you know what happened? TIME happened. It was taken and used on that nomination form and by its very extension showed to me that what I do here matters to people.

I see that consequence of your time and it makes me want to keep on keepin’ on.


What made YOUR list of #gladitude this week? 🙂



  1. Daniel Womack

    and now I might have some wetness falling out of my ocular orbs. As someone once said, “I’m kind of a big deal, hey?” Well you are too. At least to me and evidently I am among a sizable group that feels the same way. All that stuff you mention about honor, owning your shit, giving back to the universe…well you do that, SO often and SO completely. You live it. You breathe it. You ARE it. I am so glad beyond words that this week has given you a bit of that in return. You really do deserve every shred of goodness and light and love that come to you and so much more that’s still to come.

    MY Gladitude this week include a quiet mind and a peaceful soul, even if just for a few moments at a time. So often I’m filled with tension, self-doubt and all the spirally crap and sludge that comes with it. This week I found some healing, I meditated, I heard her voice and it spoke of love and reassurances. There was also the drive downtown when I hit every single green light throughout the city and got onto the freeway safe without hitting my brake even slightly. I got the immediate feeling the universe was just reminding me that I hadn’t been forgotten and that my presence was welcome and appreciated. The feeling that filled me was indescribable and it made my entire night and week. Not sure I’ll ever forget that really. Anyways…there’s my week. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing yours! <3

  2. Laurie Stewart

    My gladitude is being able to go to the Cdn con for speculative works in literature and film this weekend. Jim is still between contracts, my salves and spices business is costig more to start up than I imagined (those dinky little jars cost WHAT!?) and I was up editing until I was in tears last night.

    And our suite is gorgeous! Shared with another film-making friend, but 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a real kitchen!

    And obviously and always my amazing husband. I don’t even want to know where I’d be without him.

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