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Friday #gladitude!!!

It’s autumn.

My most favouritest (totally a word) time of the year!!! Those few weeks after the chaos of back-to-school blissdom that colours my world with brisk morn’s and balmy afternoons. Crunching through the beginnings of the falling leaves.

I haz the luvz. <3

The past couple of weeks have been challenging to the extent that I’m still trying to get into the groove of the new times of arrivals and departures…daycare sisters and daughter off at 7:15 and 7:20 a.m., respectively. Two oldest teens off at 8:00 a.m. Twin dudes off at 8:40 a.m.

Then the staggered arrivals times post-school.

It really shouldn’t be so difficult to wrap my brain around, but for some reason, it does. *shrug*

Otherwise, eldest is doing amazing in his co-op placement, working with the special needs students within the school. I’m so proud of him. Second son has adjusted well and is on top of his studies, solidifying a good post-school routine. Daughter is commended for her reading and math skills, which has given her the confidence to raise her hand much more than in previous years. Twin dudes are well-loved by their teacher, educator and speech/language therapist in their language program (they have language learning disabilities each) and they provide me with extra games and apps for their at-home fun.

My husband is embarking on a new endeavour, bringing his love for the Swedish lawn game of Kubb to the Canadian limelight. You can be sure I’ll be bringing this to your attention on October 1st, when we reveal the new national logo 😉 I get to be in charge of all thing social media management. I haz excitement.

How was I able to find my #gladitude (you can read about The #gladitude project here ) during the times where the pain was SO bad, I would shake in the arms of my husband at the end of the day I thought would never come? When the brain-drain was so frustrating I actually forgot about the twins coming home from school? When the dishwasher puked suds all over my kitchen floor?

Colour. It continues to shock and amaze me how much these little posting of colourful images seems to have taken on a life of its own on my Facebook wall. Oodles of images posted there, by others, who took the time to notice the colour, and share it along.

StainedLike my friend, Gern, who’d tagged me in an uber-awesome photo showing the EPIC stained glass lightbulb (GE) in action. Well, I *must* have it! I, in fact, found the lightbulbs during a trip to Canadian Tire for things unrelated. HUZZAH!!

I am totally going to make these myself at some point…I know just the products to use! (and the retail therapy in an arts store ain’t so bad, either…just sayin’)


Leaves. They’re turning. Some of the trees, I took the time to notice, have only “half-turned”…they are literally half green, half their autumnal hue…right down the middle. It’s beautiful. 🙂 In our complex, some of the trees have already started to shed their leaves, making for a crispy, crunchy walk to the school bus in the afternoons (they are too soggy in the mornings!).

My children. While it might seem like, “Duh.”…the amount of challenges that have occurred for all of my family over the past few years…to have dinners at a table surrounded by ALL of them…well…I’ve no words to articulate the #gladitude watching them tell jokes with each other, have foot fights under the table…each one trying to talk over the other in their excitement to share.

Brothers...taking a break from photos!
Brothers…taking a break from photos!








Then, there’s perspective. I changed it. Physically.

I sat in places I don’t normally sit. On the couch. On the stairs of the landing on the way up to the top floor of the house.

Perspective...change it up!
Perspective…change it up!




Sometimes, it really is that simple. 😉







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