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Friday #gladitude!!!

The #gladitude Project.

Keeps me from making the evenings news. Or drinking.

Or both. Just sayin’.

I’m sick. I’m in a kickass flare (I hate the term “flare”…loathe it, really…I must come up with a new one). I’m so stupendously taken for granted that the “I told you so’s” are starting to take a number for their place in the bitch-slap line of my *evilstabbyglare* arsenal.

My responsibility to “own my shit” will now call for a clearly defined listing of what it is that will make me feel more loved, and less neglected. This is what I can own. By extension, people can choose to own their shit and compromise, or I can then take stock of what needs, or doesn’t, to be in my life. Period.

In the meantime, there is the Colour!!

What a strange thing this has become…ever dynamic and growing. It’s like it’s own little ecosystem of my mental health. I find colour, I feel better. People find colour, they think of me thinking of colour, then they share it with me. I see the colour that they share on my social media and I feel ExTrA better, then they feel better for making me feel better.

Thing is: when they see colour…they notice the colour.


Colour is my #gladitude. A temporary reprieve from thinking. A moment in time to simply be inspired by the hues and shades.

What else has been my #gladitude??

...and I've the exact photos to put in to it...
…and I’ve the exact photos to put in to it…

Someone miles and miles away thought of me…and my husband, in fact. To the extent that they took not only time, but resources to send something in the mail to me that they were SO certain would make me *squeeeee*!!! that they felt compelled to do so.


How’s this for an opening photo for this lovely piece of awesomeness???

Winter is, really!
Winter is coming…no, really!



True story. 😉





What else made my #gladitude??



My Inky.

If you don’t know what it is, and you have a geek-card…you may hand it in and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Just sayin’. 😉

Okay, well, I’m certain trademark applies, but I’m calling him Inky even though he’s an Oog series dude.


I had a woman working at Tim Horton’s take a slip of paper to write down their company name, having followed her statement of:

“Where did you get that awesome pendant!?! And do NOT say some foreign company on another planet…I want to get a gift!” 😉

Ottawa, Ontario…hometown. HUZZAH!! \m/

You know you want to head over to Blend Creations, but they’re also where I got my ChronicBadass Twitter handle on an “@” pendant. True story. It’s ALSO where I got Shane’s QR code pendant that when scanned….says…(are you ready??)

Go ahead. Scan it.

For my geek-boy husband for Father's Day...Best. Wife. EVER. ;o)
For my geek-boy husband for Father’s Day…Best. Wife. EVER. ;o)


I will own more of their awesomeness.


True story.




So, how about you? What are you glad you noticed the past couple of weeks that brought a lil’ sumthin’ into the chaos of your reality??

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