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Friday #gladitude

Did you manage?

Did you manage to find that one small thing that may have otherwise gone unnoticed?!

Did you find that one small thing that added just that “little bit” to an otherwise mundane or less-than-stellar day?

A few people did this week, and I truly appreciate that they took the time to send them to me.  Every Friday is a tribute to “The #gladitude project”…if you want to showcase all the small things that make your day/week just that little bit better…please send them to me!!  They could be posted in the next edition of “Friday #gladitude.”

Nov. 4

Christine: My gladitude for today is finding that I can get in and out of my bed without struggle or pain now. Awesome!

(Christine had had her bedroom furniture re-arranged for her!)

November 4th:

Jaqueline: Kids Toy + Smartphone = Happily Entertained Momma #gladitude






November 5th:

Jason: When a good friend has tears well up in her eyes because she receive artwork you’ve made for her.

(Ya, that’s me…scrunchy nosed-product placement-Canadian. I should get paid for that…but would likely end up getting sued.  Oh well.  I did have tears in my eyes. The generosity of others simply astounds me to no end…)

Christine: My gladitude for today is relaxing with a very hot fresh cup of Mexican coffee, creamy and with just a hint of sugar. Steamy, wonderful.

You had me at “coffee.”

Then you had me at “creamy.”

Then you started making me jealous at “steamy.”


Kelly: I’m “glad” about my wonderful bf Guy after being alone so long, about my daughter’s successes, the fuzzy wuzziness of touching Ozzy’s fur when I’m blue and the fact that I took up painting again!!!

Kudos for delving into a passion that you have…I truly believe that crafting in ANY form is absolutely essential to find reprieve from all that ails you!

I even received an all-out message of #gladitude!!

Sherrie wrote:

Hey Brynn,

I have a gladitude for you. Two actually. But they are not things, they are people. My husband Gern and my best friend Diane. I don’t have words to describe what they mean to me. Gern goes out of his way to make me happy. He helps find little projects to keep me busy since I’ve been off work on disability waiting for a heart transplant. He is the most amazing man ever. Well, you’ve chatted with him, you know.

Diane and I have been friends for 25 years now. There is nothing that she wouldn’t and hasn’t done for me. Take this morning for instance. After she got her 5 kids off to school, she came over to my apartment for a visit. Since I was still sleeping *she has a key*, I woke up to a CLEAN apartment, dishes, laundry put away, bathroom, floors and dogs walked. I am so grateful to have such amazing people in my life. They make it worth living.

To Gern and Diane…you truly make a difference to the life of someone you love…how incredibly cool does that make you feel!!!???  I think I need to find a term to describe the people that effect the #gladitude upon others…so selflessly…often without question.

Dude…waking up to a clean house?  That’s only the stuff we read about in children’s stories!! 😉

November 6th:

Jacqueline: Mickey. The most patient best friend a little girl could have. #gladitude

Now that is one patient feline! 🙂

I just want to lub him and kiss his nose!!! <3



So, what’s mine?  Well, this week saw my oldest son in the local Children’s Hospital.  Over the span of two days, too.  Why am I using this?!?!?

Because I have no fear of cost, nor availability when my children are sick and need to go to one of the best Children’s Hospitals in Eastern Ontario.

Staring at walls with butterflies and flowers and having to “follow the yellow duck feet to Radiology” makes it just that little bit easier when your child is swallowed whole by monstrous pain.

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