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Friday #gladitude!!!

What's YOUR #gladitude??
What’s YOUR #gladitude??

Been a very stressful/busy past few weeks (sensing a theme, here?)

Not “bad” stressful (although I *did* have an asshat of a Tuesday this week…I don’t have “Mondays”…I have “Tuesdays”…)…just a lot on my plate*.

*my plate, I swear, must be held together with bubble gum, duct tape and tears by now…just sayin’…Go, Go MacGyver Plate!

I have a LOT of #gladitude this week…and I think it’s a really important week to point out what having a “glad attitude” is really all about.

1) Colour!! Continuing with the theme of the “Colour makes me happy because it’s a form of escapism that I find very therapeutic”…you cannot fathom the inner *squeee*!! I get when my peeps post colourful images they’ve found either online or (get this….) out and about during their own busy lives. 😀

#gladitude is the temporary halt in reality that looking at these images does for me. Stress gets to take a flying f-off because it simply doesn’t exist when I’m perusing these awesome photographs. True story.

2) Van. As in, my husband researched, called, organized, whatever…the acquisition of our van. Solely himself. Why? Because it was one of those “too good to be true” thingies that send my anxiety through the cosmos…

#gladitude is not the materialism of the possession of said van. It is the first opportunity to travel together as a family…no more “k, we’ll have to take two cars…” to go to a friggin’ restaurant. YEARS waiting…

3) A new dining room table. Oh, we had a big enough one (thanks to IKEA’s Bjursta eleventy-billion people sized extendible table)…what we lacked was the opportunity to have  one that wasn’t chipped, warped or scratched from  years of daycare and small children of my own.

#gladitude is the refreshing ability to take some pride in a piece of “grown up” kind of furniture. This means my somewhat uneasy anxiety about hosting people in my home is greatly diminished. I don’t expect anyone to understand that part…but the part of the feeling of the relief and pride. 😉

4) Munchkin. The game. Again, not the game…but the opportunity for my older two boys to sit with my husband and connect…play…laugh…

For the time of the duration of the game, technology is non-existent. It also shows something else…the results of the lessons and  hard work my boys have put into learning social skills, problem solving and conflict resolution…between themselves. 😉

5) Ladybug. Dude ladybug was crawling on the pathway on our return from a walk to the library today.

My littlest dude, Thing 2 (aka, Ethan) spotted said dude ladybug and did what he does best: found his own lil’ bit’o #gladitude and stopped dead in his tracks to pick the dude up. He let it crawl up and down his arm. He giggled because it tickled. He watched that dude for several minutes and I didn’t mind one lil’ bit.


He haz it. 😉

What kinds of things did you see/feel/do that brought a lil’ bit’o #gladitude into your life this week?


  1. Shane

    Being able to sit and play/introduce the boys to Munchkin and enjoy playing it was my #gladitude. Getting the Van/Table was also something that I was glad I was able to provide for my family so we can go out together. Tonight I will have another as I take the boys out…a “guys” night out if you will. You made all this possible for me. You are my #gladitude.

  2. Laurie Stewart

    My #gladitude is always and forever my hubby!
    Plus being able to make the spices I’m test-selling at Firelight this weekend.
    Finding a place that would ship me labels and jars within 24hrs when I ran out 1/2 way through. And it’s a Cdn (Ont) company so the money stays here!
    Plus Firelight; seeing friends and fires, and stars!

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