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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteThe “Week That Was”…

Too exhausting for words.

I’m in a flare. A really, really bad flare. Almost three weeks now.

If you wrap some wrapping tape around your fingers, then smash them with a can of soup, you’ll get how my hands feel.

If you get your kid to give you a charlie-horse in four strategic places (and by strategic, I mean where you always are touching something…the couch…the chair when you sit…) you’ll get how my legs feel.

My eyes are swollen and my skin hurts.

My incredible and enlightening and profound experience from last Canada Day long weekend was dampened by the phone call that my Uncle had died while we were away.

Yesterday, I sucked back eleventy-billion Immodium and two Rescue Remedy in order to make the solo drive to Oshawa, Ontario (3 3/4 hours each way) to attend the funeral. With this level of exhaustion, I’m rather thankful I made it.

While I was away yesterday, my eldest son was picked up and returned here at home from his residential treatment program for a “test run” weekend home. <3


#gladitude is:

For the first time since December 7th, 2012…I have all five of my children at home where they belong.

#gladitude is:

A casual commentary about recreating a photograph that was taken in 2007. There have been a ton’o’memes circling Facebook about recreating photographs, so it was suggested to me that I do the same.

While I watched my Aunt bury the love of her life, mine was at home, with five children, recreating that moment…

…for me.



  1. Daniel

    …and I wept. I wept for the grief in losing of an uncle, for the joy of having all of your children at home with you and for the loving way the love of your life cared for them and recreated that photo for you. What a beautiful family you have. What amazing hearts you and your husband have.
    I do hope your body is able to get the rest that it needs and that this week is much easier for all of you. My love to the entire clan and gentle hugs to you.

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