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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteHoly cannelloni, Batman! I’ve made myself a new hashtag: #chronciallybusy

‘Cuz I am. All. The. Time.

So much so, in fact, that I’m currently under the weather. And not the asshat Mother Nature weather… bone-crushingly exhausted. If I didn’t have to breathe, I wouldn’t. Hell, if I didn’t have to blink, I wouldn’t.

(blinking leads me to think of Dr. Who, which, in turn, leads me to think about the crack in the wall, as the younglings are doing some kind of Spyrograph art craft and without co-ordination necessary to accomplish said art…they all look like wonky cracks in the wall….)

((…which totally makes sense because today, being a rainy, exhausting PD Day for ALL the younglings…leads time to being all wibbly-wobbly “holy shit is it *only* __o’clock?!?!”))

#gladitude. I haz it.

This past couple of weeks has been RIDONKULOUSLY busy. Stressful. Not always bad or negative…just relentless.

My #gladitude IS the stress.


Because I guided a child’s naming ceremony.

Because I augmented my health with new information and a new hope.

Because my eldest son still perseveres through his challenges and is owning his shit.

Because my husband is going to get a very, very clever giftie for Father’s Day that I damn near broke another brain cell to think up.

Because my daughter will be turning 8 on the 24th and I’ve spent eleventy-billion minutes in a young lass clothing store to hunt through the “red tag” sales in order to procure the most awesome of outfits without going over the budget.

Because I’m turning 39 years old on the 17th and I’m still fucking alive.

Because…and this is a dandy…because my second boy, after taking a couple of years to live with his dad and regain his ground with school…is moving back home!

In two weeks.

Which I’m totally  ready for.

Totally. T-OT-A-L-L-Y.

Not. Ready. For.

Which leads me out to IKEA this evening to procure some awesomeness(es) in order to make the previously “Meh.” room (because I could never know what my eldest’s mood would do to said room) into a “Teen” room.

He also has owned his shit. He  has a renewed sense of education, of sports and of family.

I’m sensing a theme. The force of ownage is strong, young padawans…

Tanner and Me

You? Did you, even once, notice or make evident something otherwise unnoticeable that brightened up your day? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂



  1. Laurie Stewart

    I am so happy for you, all that good news about your boys! Huzzah!
    But I am left wondering, is a gladitude only finding a small happy and making it bigger? Or finding a big happy and making it stand out from the million small bleh moments?
    What about taking an “oh shit” and turning it into a happy? Or at least less of an oh shit?
    I was taking pictures of a pot of my ultimate chili, with secret spices for my spice labels. And dropped my camera. Into. The. Chili.
    I got 99% of the chili cleaned off in nanoseconds, but the film of oil stuck to the lens.
    And I got an awesome, dreamy shot of my chili, foggy at the edges, focused in the middle, like a ST: TOS woman. And I have my new label! My chili needs an extra teaspoon of oomph, though.
    Other happy happy things: Willow and Nika coming out to help put the new garden beds in. A romantic weekend away with my sweeties starting in 5 hours! Friends, because… always!

    • Brynn

      #gladitude is the action by which you took something (big or small) and made a HUZZAH! in your day because by the very action of taking something (big or small) and making it into a HUZZAH!…you essentially made your day less suck-worthy. 😉 Getting chilli off of your camera AND procuring the photographic shot of awesomeness is, hands down, #gladitude.

  2. Jules

    My #glatitude is always the times I remember to get my arse over here to read this particular post. It always encourages and inspires me. Thank you for that. The news of your son makes my heart sing. That your birthday is coming and you are alive BOTH make me shout HUZZAH! And, that we both say HUZZAH makes me giggle.
    Since stress is always “officially” defined as things that can be both good and bad, I am not at all worried about how you will get the room done, make it through the under the weather’d ness or face the last of the dumb birthdays and on to what I have always considered the prime years. Since I turned 40 I have felt so much better about the woman in me that really mattered, the last bits of insecurity about those things that girls worry about finally left and I came into my own. So, even though my 43 1/2 just passed on the 3rd of June, I will today express MAJOR GLADITUDE for my forties.
    My last Gladitutde for tonight is for all of the amazing Chronically Awesome peoples that went into a frenzy of Jules love over the last week and made me feel like a zillion bucks, and then very quickly remembered that it takes a village, and we are a big wonderful village that limps, rolls, and sometimes lays down and reaches with our very fingertips across the finish line of each day. I am just the lucky one that gets to work, organize, lead, stumble, and sometimes speak for these beautifully awesome people. And for the stress, the stumbles, the migraine of the last five days, and the tears that were the result of the love that these things culminate in. A culmination of surprise that, if I were 29 I’d take to ego, but at 43 I simply give gladitude and try to return the rest in harder work, bigger stumbles, and longer stretches to the finish.

    • Brynn

      Y’know, it never ceases to make me all giddy and go “HUZZAH!!!” when Jules comes over to say hello and leave a comment. True story. 😉

      I can’t wait for the 40’s to come!! My 20’s were hell. My 30’s have proven to be a very successful struggle…I’m counting on my 40’s to be the KICKASS of all decades (until I’m 80, then it’s no holds barred…forwarning the masses…I *will* cackle and enjoy tripping you with my cane). 🙂

  3. PombagirasPolly

    yay for busy and fun.. well mostly fun

    my weekend was about understanding that creativity is not a constant, well not this weekend. I made a Wall Hanging that looked like a New Ager with a crayon did it.. O.o, but given that i have created so many others that are wonderful, its ok.. so the rest of the weekend was spent with friends for dinner, supernatural, and cleaning/cleansing my various altars.


  4. Linda Drewry

    yay! found this great post! yay! a kindred spirit with a badass attitude to chronic (hate that word). yay! another mixed media artist to add to my Reader Follows! a bad day, but the best part? I’m done in because I spent an entire day Saturday in an awesome Faery w’shop and it’s so worth it. and do I think right in recognising some fellow kg’ers here?

    • Brynn

      You DO recognize some Festers here, yes 😉 I’m so glad you had the chance to pop in and have a read!! I hope sometime our paths will cross (KG this year??) and we can be badass in real life! \m/

  5. Stephen in Birmingham

    Hello, this is the first time I have ever visited your blog, so I wanted to leave a comment for you. First off, I wanted to say congrats on creating such a great blog, my girlfriend is starting her own and it certainly takes some time and effort! However, I will admit that I had another purpose for leaving this comment today. Last month was Lupus Awareness Month, and I helped to put together an infographic in honor of this important event. While I tried to share it with as many people as possible over the course of May, there were of course many that I was just not able to reach during the month. So, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to some more people this month, because spreading awareness for this chronic autoimmune disease should be a year-round deal anyways. If you are interested then I invite you to check out my lupus awareness infographic and share it with others!

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