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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteBeen a busy week and a half. I was just commenting with my galpal about having “nothing” to do this weekend…the one of seven where I can honest-to-goodness choose what the frak I want to do. Total freedom of choice.


Alarmingly so, in fact…but I digress.

She had to clarify whether or not “nothing” was actually *nothing*, or dripping with sarcasm “nothing”…in air quotes.

Funny shit, right there.

For someone with as many snafu’s as myself with all this chronic illness crap…I’m busier than most people. Fair?

Hardly. And yet…my life is seemingly structured within air quotes. There’s a post in there, somewhere…

Today’s #gladitude is brought to you by HUZZAH! and his bestie,  WHOOT!

(If you’re new to The #gladitude project, you can read about it HERE.)

Something so seemingly insignificant to many, yet the immensity of importance to MOI is inarticulable. True story.

See, I’d been in a store awhile back, looking for a wonderful bowl that would be used to collect offerings from the folk at the recent festival. During my journey through this particular store, I had gazed across a particular item. A wooden mortar and pestle. I remember distinctly thinking, “I need this…but I’m here for something very profoundly specific…damn.”

I left. I pondered. I let it go.

I’m currently doing two things (at the same time, and without falling down or running into walls…could happen): preparing a festival around the Goddess Frigg, and studying my Chartered Herbalism program.

Those of you who are in the “know”…you will have just had a profound “A-HA!” moment. For those not in the loop, Frigg has a plethora of handmaidens. Eir is one such handmaiden.

Eir is a goddess of healing…a physician to the gods, if you will…

I’m studying the use of plants and herbs in the hopes of healing that which threatens the cessation of my cellular activity.

The mortar and pestle is a pharmacist or apothecary symbol.

[enter profound moment of awesomeness, stage left]

Studying the handmaidens and their relation to Frigg, I came across something specific with regards to Eir that made me bolt upright on the couch and come to the realization that that item I’d seen in the store was, in fact, meant for me.

[enter bat-shit crazies, stage right]

I returned the next morning.

Seeing as how my life can be measured in air quotes, I think it prudent to remark that each and every item in the section where I’d seen the mortar and pestle had been…”moved.” Re-located, even, to other parts of the store.

It was not there. But of course.

I’d known it was a chance to find it…I figured that self-placating mantra of “if it was meant to be mine, it will still be there…” was applicable.

I walked around each and every corner of that section. I moved to another section. I found wooden cutting boards (No.) and plastic bowls (Hellz No.) and was getting further and further away from the original location of the item.

I happened to remember a few wooden pieces that I’d seen along the side wall…salad tongs…a few really neat, handcrafted wooden trays…

My eyes flicked down the side wall and landed up something that looked extraordinarily bright.

The bowl of the mortar.

[enter that glorious ray-of-sunshine-on-the-head thingie, front and center]

It is now mine. All of its absolute perfection in natural glory.


#gladitude on ‘roids.

To have had a perceived spiritual connection to something that you were “certain” just had to be for you…


Well, that is certainly something I am glad to have taken the time to have not overlooked.

Next time, I’ll listen a little harder. It’ll keep the air quotes to a minimum. 😉



  1. Marie

    And a grand huzzah! Good on you for paying attention. 🙂

    (and just a tad pleased with myself that I’d learned a little about Eir last year)

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