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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteYup. That time!!! Whenever you see this image, you’re going to be all *happyspazzydance* because it means it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

(unless of course I forget it’s Friday…then you’re on your own…) 😉

So? Whasssssssssssssssssup?!?!?

Did you manage to find those small things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed? Did it/they bring you a little ray of fricken’ sunshine as you were busy dealing with the chaos of your reality? Was it a really good latte? A random cuddle by a non-cuddler? An unexpected freebie somewhere?


– Having long-time friends and family close to me this weekend.

What gets ME out of my pit of despair? Well, that’d be YOU of course! “Just passing through…”  (mention of the gladitude project!!)

DUDE!! How did I just see this prepping for this post?!?!? I’m in tears at the incredible mention of not just The #gladitude project but because you continue to amaze me with your strength to share what it is that makes you, “You.” I love you to bits. True story.


– Gladitude was a little hard (and a little late) this week. I have been sick and too busy to lie down. Such is Osteoarthritis, migraines, damp weather and tax season. BUT, my wonderful, patient man always tops the list. Even when I was severely bitchy through the worst of the pain, and his hip and knees were hurting too, he never lost his patience or snapped at me. I am very very blessed by this man.

– My `Laurie`s Spice Blends`should be up on the shelves at Finally Gluten Free Foods (112D Nelson St), as they were delivered last week. I got my first review and it was happy happy happy. (Sweet Curry)

– I found that the linen pants I wore to Jim`s nephew`s wedding last summer still fit (mostly) so I can wear them to his niece`s wedding in 2 weeks.

Well. If this isn’t the embodiment of what it is to have some #gladitude…I’d like to think that for how hard it was to come with some this week…you bloody well ROCKED it!! These are exciting for so many reasons, I can’t wait to follow your journey with your spice mixes!! To endeavour to do such a thing when often crippled by the migraines you suffer is astounding. You have my full support!!


– I may be super nervous about all the new things I’m doing, but heck… I get to be a zombie tomorrow! #gladitude

Who the sweet blue hell can use the word #gladitude AND zombie in the same sentence?!?!? Well, my Geeky Godmother can. You can’t even imagine the awe I have at your ability to do so many varied and UBERCOOL things!! It might be scary, indeed, but it’s a damn fine accomplishment because you try. That is inspiration personified.


– #gladitude is finding another way to follow the goings on in the life of someone special – – You! Know you’re missed 🙂

– oh! Second #gladitude. Finding an affordable #wordpress conference close to home. $23 for a full day+a business write off.

You do realize I get all *blushy* at such kind compliments, right?!? 😉 I’m far too small a fish to fry, I’m sure…but just the nature of being recognized by the “Me.” that I am is really gracious of you to actually state in writing. Had I not had only this one weekend before all weekends are booked up until June…I’d be sitting right beside you at that conference!! DOUBLE score for business write-offs!!


Here’s one: I asked my father to participate in a human real-time genome tracking project called: The Genographic Project by National Geographic.

20130409_151821I told him he’s on the hook for my paternal DNA markers because…well…as an only child I’ve no brothers who could do it for me. HUZZAH!! He’s already sent off the cheeks swabs and I am eagerly awaiting results in about 8 weeks.

Given that every bloody weekend is near full up…time should go by quite quickly.


I’m so thankful he has such an open mind for the bat-shit crazy ideas I come up with.


A stolen moment in time to colour a few dudes on a place-mat in a restaurant we don’t oft get to frequent due to cost with the eldest son who is finally comfortable enough in the situation to come for visits again.

#gladitude personified.



  1. Laurie Stewart

    Friday Gladitude: First and always – Jim.
    Being mentioned in another blog!!
    Heading off in a few days to see family at a niece’s wedding (1 week visit)
    Baby tomatoes and kale getting their first true leaves.
    A catsitter so the bastards don’t starve while we’re gone. lol
    Finding a print of Harmony by Norman Knott at Value village for $10, valued at $200.
    (now needing a weird sized frame…)
    Seeing some of my fave people last night, and interesting discussion.
    Aufkelleran (german winery) making an excellent rose and giving a % of sales to fight breast cancer. Drink wine for cancer… I can do that.
    Anti-gladitude, some jerk stealing our two recycling bins after the garbage truck went by. >:(

  2. Marie

    Did you say random cuddles?
    #gladitude: Celebrating my dad’s birthday with my dad, step-mom, step-brothers and their partners on no less than The Carnival Dream sailing out of Port Canaveral, spending 14 wonderful days with hubby and son.
    Returning from vacation to be swamped with the demands of clients, new and old.
    Being so absent over the last 14 days that the Bug gets out of bed to request mommy goes to lay down with him “because I don’t want to be alone” and “I’m scare of the dark” (not, but he had to come up with something. Mommy couldn’t turn down such a request and spent 45 minutes in blissful dozing cuddles, singing the boy to sleep.

  3. Michele

    Getting a diagnosis and a medicine I think is going to work for me! 😀 Being able to be there for my friends and help them with their new endeavors into their new life. (Found a job for one and looking with/for the other) As well as helping the one friend with her health issues and getting her healthier (fibro, migraines and recovering from thyroid cancer). A husband that loves me in all of my craziness and pain (even if he doesn’t know what to do for me). Children that constantly remind me to enjoy life and learn to control my pain.

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