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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteOne and half weeks since the Breakdown of 2013.

Doing not half bad.

Which kind of means, I’m half good. Right? (o.O)


So……what little things have you noticed on those less-than-stellar days that help get you through the chaos of your own reality?

If you want to be a part of the growing awesomeness that is:

The #gladitude project

…please drop me a line, a comment, or find me on Twitter (@ChronicBadass) and use the hashtag #gladitude!! The Lupus Interrupted Facebook page is still active, thanks to my loving husband who has supported me a thousand-fold during the Great Asshat Season of 2013.


wreckitralphdelted1220192912011) Wreck It Ralph.

My eldest son came over “for a visit” and dinner tonight. I made my grandmother’s macaroni & cheese casserole (a from-scratch). He got to play some Iphone apps with the gingers. We watched Wreck It Ralph all together, and he and I laughed over some of the total old-school vids and games. It allowed him to discuss with me a couple of issues…and it was awesomely comfortable.

Guess what?!?!?

He has an admittance date. 😀 May 6th. Good vibes welcomed.


black_capped_chickadee_glamour2) Chickadees.

There was a bird out today…he/she was “singing.” It seemed like it was the only sound I could hear at the time. It was comforting as it was beautiful. I guess I don’t usually hear it that loudly, but this morning it was so prevalent…I “needed” it. I hope the mini-typhoon of weather didn’t blow the poor dude away this afternoon. (o.O) Ottawa weather. Changes every five friggin’ minutes. True story.

3) Pepperettes.

 Dude. My secret obsession for a protein hit. ‘Nuff said.

A shiteth, I do not giveth, if there is any agricultural “product” in said pepperette. They are the like my own personal precioussssssssssss…….

That is a #gladitude like no other…right in my fridge.



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