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Friday #gladitude!!!

With WebsiteDude!!

Could this post BE any more packed with oodles (not OODs, sorry) of awesome entries for this week’s Episode of Awesomeness, aka, “The #gladitude project“?!?!?

My gladitude for this week is for all the amazing, supportive, and loving people I have in my life I am so very grateful for you all! ♥

Being one of the peeps on your friends list, I can assure you, beautiful woman, that the feeling is, most assuredly, reciprocal. 😉 It takes a village to raise EVERYONE…

Always, my husband! And dinner last night with dearly loved friends. My documentary screening a Ottawa U last week. A new business opportunity to work towards, one that fits with my philosophy of living! Time to start playing with seeds and dirt!! And planning the garden! And more friends this weekend.
My life is awesome 😀

That is a hands-down, stellar appreciation for things that might ordinarily go “unnoticed”…not that you aren’t aware of them, but the IMPACT that you’ve attached to each and every piece of these…well…if that’s not the essence of #gladitude in a nutshell…you can tickle me girly.

The joy my children took in making the mess that they did yesterday. I didn’t look at it as “oh crap, yet another mess to clean up” instead I watched their faces while they did it, and how happy they were to be playing with the blueberries all over themselves, the table, chairs, floor, etc was cute. After all, it wasn’t like I couldn’t clean it up afterwards I did. And the time it took to do so was totally spent smiling over their beautiful little grins while they had made the mess.

RIGHT. THERE. In the big picture, at the end of your days…is having to clean up after squiggly, squealing children what you’ll remember? Or, will it be the “You should’ve seen what those kids could do with blueberries when they were little…I shit you not.” Dollars to donuts it’s gonna be “Boasting night at the Residence.” 😉

Finally being seen as a priority to have the eye surgery corrected is my #gladitude.

[enter Husband, stage left]

HUZZAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The man that carries my spirit in the heart of his soul. Y’all know how I feel about THIS. *happyspazzyjig*

It’s been an odd week for me but have noticed that the positive expectancy on Monday Tuesday and Thursday actually did work out well…I will definitely continue to cheer on the underdog not only is it rather fun it is rather uplifting to the spirit to find something positive about the days that you either forget about or detest…. Oh and also my Aretha Franklin Ticket came in the mail yesterday … squee!

How does that saying go? “Manifest your reality.” Sometimes, its harder than even getting out of bed in the morn’…and yet…the rewards are ten-fold for having done it. If that doesn’t scream “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” for ones self….well….(see what I did there???) \m/

Gentle purrs of Miss ZoeLuna; Surprise Goodies in the mail; Beautiful Sunshine and the optimistic green leaves of my yet-to-be-identified plant, which is currently nurturing and being nurtured by a Rose Quartz crystal.

1) Rose quartz crystal are, most assuredly, the schiznit. True story. 2) So very happy that the focus on “the small things” does, indeed, turn out to be the big things. 3) Getting mail is ridonkulously awesome. Word.

Glad for dear old friends. I have had to get a truck to move, instead of the PODS. I don’t drive. Within moments I had two drivers/helping hands for Guelph. I am truly blessed and grateful. #gladitude

This is one of those #gladitudes that gets extrapolated by the nth degree. Kinda like those old Wella Balsam commercials (you tell your friends, who tell their friends…and so on…and…) How? Because this #gladitude affects the people (friends and “extended family”) that will benefit from the generosity of the folks in question. HOO-AH! #gladitude on ‘roids. 


My launch party to my new business is tonight! a new career!

New beginnings often are the most challenging and cautionary…yet you’ve leapt into this head-on and made sure that, whoever needed to know, it was what you wanted, when you wanted it….Best of luck to all of your endeavours!!

Fully interacting with me one-and-a-half year old granddaughter, enjoying watching her learn as we read books and did puzzles, or laugh when I did something silly with her. Yesterday, I was “Cookie Monster” from Sesame Street.

“C is for cookie…that’s good enough for me”…..C’mon…you ALL sang it in your damn heads…embrace the monster…(“I don’t always eat cookies, but when I do, I eat them in a horrifyingly violent manner”…my fave). LEARNING. To learn is one thing…to WATCH someone learn is quite another thing. As a mother of five, and as a daycare provider (because having five isn’t bat-shit crazy enough)…I can *totally* relate to this. Go teach someone something. Right. Now. Then, step back and await the A-AH! moment. Truly a glorious thing.

My gladitude is that after 6 months apart, in less than a month I get to see my sweetie Joshua!

Not going to lie. This excites me to no end…because then *I* get to see *BOTH* of them. Totally self-serving. True story. This is a wickedly pertinent example of social media at its finest…keeping the heart and spirit of two people connected over the span of an entire ocean. DUUUUUDE. LOLcatz are funny…this is extraordinary. 🙂

Gypsy Dee
My glatitude: FINALLY coming to terms with my inner demons, and having the courage to speak up and get to work at fixing the dark parts of my world. (And daily gladitude that I have an amazing Cubling that stands by his mum tenfold)

I leaked fluid from my ocular orbs when I read this one. Honestly. The dark is scary and uncomfortable for most folk…and when its residents are ghosts and demons and cobwebs and issues…it takes a mastery of “Brave” to not only face them, but to shine the light directly in their mo-fo faces. I hope your support network is ready, lass…because with your determination, and knowing the people behind you love you 110%…there’s just nothing you can’t do. 

I’ve got a brand new book to curl up with, and work to work on.

I can hear the collective *nods* from around the world in recognition of that feeling. The statement itself implies “content”…and “comfy.” And, in a world overflowing with the chaos of our realities…literature of any kind can true be a source of positive escapism from the mundane.

That my gawd-awful flu is getting better and my Kobo, which I thought had died yesterday did NOT! Also that I got to watch my grandson go entertainingly crazy for hours on end in the Spiderman costume I got him last year, while my grandaughter was all cuddles to her Mom, dad, the sofa cushions, etc., all adorable and mellow like. Thanks to my daughter for sending me the video of it!

My brain burst a cell just reading so much packed into one wee statement! Where does one even begin? Having the flu sucks bollocks on anyone, but when afflicted with…well…”afflictions” (sorry, lack of sugar to the brain on this newfandangled nutrition experiment)…it is riDONKulous to keep up the normalcy of the mundane. Hence, #gladitude.  I can “hear” you beaming gramma-vibes from here 🙂 It’s a life phase I’ve not yet entered, but I can just imagine, if I were to sum it up in one word, I would choose: MEMORIES.


Well, I’d had a few lined up, but I think I’m gonna just let you guys shine on this post 😀

If you’re going to twist my rubber arm to come up with at least ONE piece of #gladitude, it’s going to be this:

Today’s #gladitude was brought to you by………..

………BOTH chronically afflicted and non-chronically afflicted folk.

That’s just how damn awesome #gladitude is.


What’s yours?!?! 😀

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