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Better than bubble wrap and bee vomit…

Today was a good day.

BubblewrapA good day to be had…because it also INCLUDED bubble wrap….not just being BETTER than bubble wrap. 😀


‘Tis a glorious day, indeed.

A day to be cherished and remembered when the pain levels hit “hounds-of-hell” levels.

Like today.

BUT…today had bubble wrap and OODLES (wait for it….) of good things.

I like good things.


First up was the delivery from New Directions Aromatics. It’s my go-to store for all things essential oil, as suggested by woman I greatly admire and who know their shit. I’d ordered some refills of oils used up making my badass bug spray last summer…and some I intend on using to create a recipe for a muscle rub/balm that packs some heat to it. *spazzyfingerscrossed* that it works. If it does, you’ll most certainly know about it.

Stay tuned.

20130214_114629Second, was my completion of the first of three books in the Chartered Herbalism Program…Anatomy. I know more about a uterus than I ever needed to know. And labia. I need to remind myself that NOT everything needs to be Google-ed.

*goes to clear out browsing history before things look….”weird”*


(o.O) I’m such a dumbass. *headdesk* I swear, I just wanted to know a different way to illustrate the same concept that the book said.

“Illustrate.” Oh dear gods I’m making it worse.

*shifty eyes*

I digress.

SO. I’m FINISHED book 1!!! And…..running at 100%!!!!

Again, not “hard” per se…it’s open book, of course (online distance education). But the fact remains that I freakin’ did it…and made the conscious effort to research the lessons using alternate books and sources.

With brain fog. And a job. And kids. A truckload of ’em. And pain. And appointments. And a heart attack.

I’m tootin’ my bloody proverbial horn.

(I’d really recommend NOT Google-ing that…just sayin’…)

THEN, I received a telephone call from my oldest son, who I’ve not spoken to since Christmas holidays after the awful events of “Then.” There is a spark of hope. And I was able to tell him that I love him.

He said he loved me, too. <3

I hung up the phone and I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe.

I feel much better. It was very….cleansing. It doesn’t relieve my anxiety nor my heartbreak at the situation…but…it’s hope.

THEN, there was the “Geeky Gift my Husband Got Me.”








Honestly does it really get any better than THAT?!?!?

Oh, I might have sent him this Valentine:


(there it is!)







There were also lemon cupcakes I’d made for the kidlets with lil’ red icing gel hearts I hand-drew with my Go, Go SpazzyFingers. Suck on that one, Martha Stewart. Suck on that one.



There is bee vomit.

15 pounds of glorious regurgitation.

To make MEAD. Glorious golden honey wine…nectar of the Gods.

These are the days, although once in awhile, that need to be remembered.

This is #gladitude on steroids. 😉

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