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You may or may not know that sometimes? Sometimes, the Cosmos is an asshat.

What gives me comfort are the far-too-few times of escapism I generally have to make the effort to find, schedule and do.

One of the things that has been a wonderful addition to the escapism is having not one, but two wedding anniversaries. Such as life often goes, my husband and I had to fandangle between our spiritual and legal ceremonies. Thus, our legal anniversary is on November 1st. Our spiritual anniversary is on May 5th. If one were so inclined to do the mathematics, one would recognize that we have wedding anniversaries every six months.

I sure as shit ain’t complaining. 😉

So, a few days ago, on November 1st, we celebrated our third wedding anniversary. This is the anniversary we coin as being our “Us.” and “Me.” type of anniversary…we celebrate those things in the other that we fell in love with…and these are often geeky, fun and comedic in nature. This anniversary was spot on.

ticket to rideHe got a “Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries”…because we love games and it serves as a memory of him asking me to marry him…in Swedish. Well, that…and both of our heritages come from Nordic countries. \m/

I got knee-high socks with feckin’ planets on ’em…a key-ring chock full’o’colour’n’bling…and…well…THIS:

I sense a new-found addiction...
I sense a new-found addiction…
O-to the-M-G!! 😀


There are several papercraft sets in this theme, so why this particular one?

Because he watches me play. And, he remembers my ear-shattering, banshee-level *squee* as I crafted my first enchantment table.

He remembers the rows of bookshelves that line my “cottage” on its second level…where I have a cauldron and plan to make potions…


He remembers this…and he makes sure I can have some geek-applicable goodness with which to heighten my love for my escapism.

I love my husband for so many, many reasons.

Reason #6 = the ability to apply the things he loves about me, to the things I love about him, the Cosmos (the good one) and “Me.”

*when we first started dating, he wrote a note in his phone…it read only one word: “Orchid”…just so he could remember my favourite flower.

I love you, Shane. You’ve been a rock in the foundation of my goals, my hopes and my dreams.

Anniversary Love

#geek on! \m/

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