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One Badass Bugspray Recipe

One day I’ll even have a wee “online store” of my own with this…just puttin’ it out there.

Until then, I’ve had a lot of peeps ask me about the bug spray (I just typed, “butt”…ewwww…*chugs the java a wee faster*) I’d made myself for our 10 day “mini-moon” (gotta say it with the Dr. Evil voice) of camping/festival gathering this past summer.

For me?  It worked frabjously!! *jazz hands*

WARNING: This bug spray contains Citronella. If you don’t like Citronella, or Citronella isn’t your BFF (and by “isn’t”, I mean sends you into anaphylaxis or something horrible)…DO.  NOT.  USE.  And, by “do not use,” I verily mean, “back away from the blog post!!”

Also, just so’s ya know…when you first apply this, because I use a carrier oil base…the scent of said Citronella lingers.  If said Citronella could be viewed as a light source, it could land a mutha’ freakin’ plane.

That being said, again, it works for ME.  I am going to try a new one with a little less Citronella, but for the intent that I had for it, it fucking rocked.


I’m going to share the recipe.  Feel free to tweak it as your little self desires.  Just give me some props every now and again for doing the math for you 😉

I found  this recipe based on the one that “Badger” makes (, just so’s ya know.  Bestest part about Badger (I love their products, but I am in no way compensated for their stuff…but if they ever felt like sending stuff…I really don’t think I’d complain!) is that, as an all-natural company, they actually list their ingredients.  I’ve been passed a lot of links to “all-natural” products that, while I’m sure they’re totally natural, can’t provide customers with a list of ingredients.  Who KNOWS what sensitivities people have to essential oils…carrier oils….?!?!?  I, personally, think that’s bad for business.

They are the foundation by which this bugspray is crafted.

One Badass Bugspray:

4 ounces = 118.3mL

4.72 mL – Citronella

2.36mL – Cedar

2.36mL – Lemongrass

1.77mL – Rosemary

1.18mL – Peppermint

.59mL – Wintergreen

27.19mL – Soybean Oil

11.82mL – Castor Oil

66.31mL – Water (distilled)


Wear gloves.  Essential oils are NOT to be fuckernackled with.

Wear gloves.  Just in case you skipped over the first part.

Essential oils can “strip” the lines off of plastic measuring devices.  You’ve been told.

Wear gloves.

Prepare in a well ventilated area.

**DISCLAIMER: I am NOT responsible for half-assed attention paid to messing with stuff you may or may not understand.  Google IS your BFF.  Use it.  Don’t pretend I know everything.  (I’d like to, yes.)  This stuff works for ME.**

I provide you with the recipe (isn’t it awful how many times I have to actually “disclaim” stuff on the internet?!?).

Do with it what you will, young Padawan…

Next up?  Crafting one that uses no citronella, but things like Geranium and Vanillin…stay tuned!!  Same Blog time, same Blog channel!


  1. Diane Houle

    i get tired just reading of all the extra work that you have to do,but like you keep saying if it helps you being able to enjoy yourself any extra bit w/out being flat on your ass,it’s worth it.we all really should pay more attn of what we ingest.You may not like to hear it,but I admire you so much!

    • Brynn

      I am so thankful that our paths have crossed (especially in a totally KICKASS scrapbooking manner)…your support really does mean a lot, I just get all *blushy* and that makes my face rash all red. 😉 xox I really appreciate that you take the time to have a gander at some of my musings!! Thank you!

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