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#DIY Ice Pack Hack

It’s so simple, I’m a little chagrined that I’ve not done this to date.

Because, pain. Chronic, all-the-time, Hounds of Hell ouchies that plague my badassery on a level that makes one want to run head first into a wall.

But, my BFF, coffee, nixs that option. Regularly. Because, coffee. 😉

Maybe I’d not cared to make my own ice packs because I don’t like ice packs. They’re too hard, too stiff, too much addition to the pain that requires an ice  pack to begin with!!

Not this. Nope. I highly recommend you give this a go, because it doesn’t freeze solid…it “slushifies.” This is totally a word because I’ve only had one java and my brain cells don’t currently function.

DIY Ice pack of awesomeness
DIY Ice pack of awesomeness


Ziploc baggies. I used the freezer bags, medium. I also used two…one for the liquid, a second for “just in case”…

1 cup of Isopropyl alcohol.

2 cups of water.

Food colouring. Couple of drops. Because, colour.




Chuck that sumbitch in the freezer for at least 4 hours and you’ve got your own flexible ice pack.

Modify the quantity for smaller ice packs.

Sometimes? It really is that simple.

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