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DIY: Do you even Leviosa, Bro?

I’d an epiphany!

hermione-memes-10Actually, my daughter reminded a couple of weeks ago, but then, in true “one remaining brain cell left” fashion, I’d forgotten. Until yesterday. Because…tomorrow, peeps. Tomorrow is my daughter’s 11th birthday.

She NEEDS her Hogwart’s acceptance letter!!


Off to Michael’s for old-looking paper and card stock and forgot-my-coupon-but-cashier-was-awesome, OH MY! \m/ I’d had a wax seal left from times gone by which, incidentally, was of an “H.” Huzzah.

I downloaded fonts (Harry P.) from I Googled and I cut paper and I printed and I generally lost my proverbial shit trying to keep that one remaining brain cell from running head first into the wall.

But, I fucking did it. DONE. Signed (be sure to use an emerald coloured font for Minerva’s signature!!)…and soon to be delivered tonight! I even stuck a little feather under the envelope.

Because. Bro. Authenticity.

So…I hope she’s going to love it. See, I’d received mine (only 22 years late, but who’s counting *shifty eyes*)…it’s only fair that my daughter continue in her mother’s magical musings, no? 😉

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You gather…






….then you do the printing…





…then you don’t forget the train ticket!!!….





…then you burn…*muahahaha*…and ink and crease and fold it all up….




…and then you seal the deal with the wax “H” emblem!


So. How do YOU pronounce “Leviosa”? 😉

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